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Heat treatment is a process that ECO-THERM uses to kill all life cycle stages of pests in 1 treatment — from eggs and larvae to adults. The heat kills bed bugs by denaturing the proteins inside their body, which in turn disrupts the waxy layers on the outside of them. This causes dehydration, which causes death.

How heat treatment works

This safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly process uses dry heat and reduces the need for application of pesticides.

We use equipment specifically designed for this treatment.


1. Applying heat

2. Monitoring temperatures

3. Moving the air

The steps of heat treatment

Electric portable Thermal Remediation heaters are the cleanest and most convenient of heaters today. These heaters have no toxic combustion byproducts, no water vapor, no open flame, no fuel to store, and no chance of fluid leakage. They are safe to operate in unattended and enclosed areas, they have long air throw, and also have quiet operation.

Why we use electric heat

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