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ECO-THERM's number 1 goal is to get rid of your home's pests and bed bugs so you and your family members can feel safe and comfortable. Our heat remediation treatment program is dependent on the partnership between you and us. By helping us in the preparation for the program, you can help us immensely. Please use the instructions below as a guide.

Ridding your home of bed bugs

Preparation is the key to success when it comes to eliminating bed bugs and pests from your home. Please aid us in preparing!

To download our thermal remediation printable preparation instructions form, click here. It must be reviewed and signed before we begin thermal remediation service.


Know how to prepare for our services

Many of the treatments of today use harmful chemicals to eliminate bed bugs and other pests. You'll rest easy knowing that ECO-THERM has many programs and treatments available, and some are 100% chemical and pesticide free which is safe to use around children and pets.  Our methods are very effective in getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs, which means your infestation will be gone!

Keep your family safe and sound

Got bed bugs? Get rid of them in a safe way!